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Choosing the Best Tactical Backpack

When your family enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or cycling it becomes important to understand what factors are important when choosing the best outdoor backpacks. Backpacks are essential because they allow you to carry important supplies and tools that are needed for comfort and survival especially in the winter months. Knowing what factors to use when determining which is the best hiking backpack or the Best Tactical Backpack to use while cycling or camping can save you money and time.

There are many brands of outdoor backpacks to choose from in the market today all of which claim they are the best when it comes to comfort, durability, or design but what users should be concerned with are how these backpacks measure up when it comes to specific body type, personal style of backpacking and the trip length because these are the factors that really matter when it comes to choosing the best outdoor backpack.

Choosing the best backpack according to your body type:

When it comes to outdoor backpacks it is the length of your torso and not your height that matters most so keep this in mind when backpack shopping. You will know when you have the right fit when the size of the backpack is appropriate to the length of your torso. It should also have a comfortable and snug grip to your hips.

Did you know that your torso length is the distance between your C7 vertebra and the rear shelf of your hips? This measurement information is critical to getting a proper sized backpack. Once you have the measurement if it is up to 15 ½ inches the proper pack size for you is extra small. If your torso length is between 16 inches and 17 ½ inches small pack sizes are right for you. If your torso measures between 18 and 19 ½ inches you will do best with a medium or regular sized pack and if your torso is 20 inches or greater than you need a large or tall backpack.

Choosing the best backpack according to your personal style of backpacking:

Once you know the proper sized backpack for your torso size it is time to consider what type of pack is best for your specific style of backpacking.

Ultralight backpacking is one style of backpacking in which the person puts a greater importance on carrying the lightest and most important gear and supplies possible. Overall weight is a big consideration typically because of having to carry the pack for several days. Typically the ultralight term refers to packs that weigh below 20 pounds (including the backpack, supplies and gear). The base weight does not include the weight of consumables (water and food).

The other style is of convenience and comfort and for those who favor having tools and gear that will mean having things of convenience as well as being comfortable while hiking or cycling will put a higher importance on having a pack that will allow them to carry the most items but still provide support and comfort to avoid sore muscles and sweaty backs.

The person with the ultralight backpacking style will select a backpack that can fit necessary supplies and gear in a compact manner.

The person with the convenience and comfort backpacking style will select a backpack that is organized well with many compartments and pockets so they can carry all the supplies they need to feel comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.

Choosing the best backpack according to trip length:

Obviously if you are packing for an overnight trip you won’t need as many clothes, gear or supplies as when packing for a longer excursion. If you are only planning on a one-day hike or overnight trip you won’t need a large roomy pack. Packing for a trip of several days and nights requires a pack that can handle all the gear and supplies you will need to carry so using one with large compartments and pockets as well as one with a drink storage compartment is a must.

During the winter months it is also important to have a pack that will allow for bulkier warm clothing jackets or coats and hats to be carried along with all the other necessary gear.

Choosing the best backpack is not a task to be taken lightly so keep in mind that knowing factors such as trip length, backpack style and torso size are all important to consider when deciding which pack to purchase or use.

I hope this site will help you find your ideal backpack, whoever you are and no matter what you want to use it for: hunting, hiking, travel, laptops or college.


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